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Workflow & Cost Analysis
The Service

DictateNowOffice is a low cost yet sophisticated digital dictation platform which enables effective management of secretarial resources, internal or outsourced, monitoring transcription demands and providing management reporting tools. The system is designed to be user friendly and facilitates multi-site and home working.

The Software

The transcription software has an advanced workflow management system enabling administrators to ‘drag and drop’ dictations between departments, typing pools and individual typists improving the workflow and turnaround times of dictations. A colour coded watch list enables secretaries to keep an eye out for dictations from particular people or for dictations that are high priority.

Secretarial staff benefit from the use of modern digital dictation technology and software, enabling them to fulfil their roles more efficiently.

We offer many models of dictation machine from Philips, Olympus and Grundig.

How It Works

We provide an administrative login from which you can run reports showing the volume of typing carried out be each secretary, turnaround time etc. This same admin login can be used to monitor dictations that are outsourced to our team.

We also supply DictateNow Software for the BlackBerry, enabling you to dictate wherever you are and have the choice of sending the work to your internal secretaries or to our team of typists.
  We are thrilled with the benefits which they are deriving from widespread use of the UK based DictateNow outsourced transcription services.

With legal aid firms working on very decreasing margins but still looking to maintain access to justice for clients, DictateNow keeps fixed legal costs down but at the same time to receive a fast, efficient and reliable service.

The firm rely on DictateNow providing experienced legal secretaries with high quality typing.