"DictateNow is an integral part of our firm now, providing an essential typing service..."

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Copy Typing & Document Formatting
Quality Control
Workflow & Cost Analysis
The Service

DictateNow have a team of over 300 UK based qualified and experienced secretaries working 7 days a week including evening typing. No typing goes abroad - in compliance with the Data Protection Act and also ensuring the highest quality of work. We have an average turnaround time of 45 minutes for standard dictations.

The Software

DictateNow’s bespoke software was designed by lawyers for lawyers and developed in-house. It is fully supported by its technical and quality assurance teams.

How It Works

Typically the fee earner will dictate into a handheld digital dictation device or using software on their PC or BlackBerry. The sound files are then sent to DictateNow via our cloud based digital dictation system or by e-mail. Our partnerships with BigHand and Winscribe enable dictation files to be sent seamlessly to the DictateNow team directly from these platforms as quickly and easily as sending them to in-house secretaries.

On receipt, the sound file is allocated to a DictateNow qualified and experienced legal secretary. The document is either typed on the DictateNow server and returned to the client as an encrypted attachment to an e-mail, or typed directly into the client’s case management or document management system (CMS or DMS). A notification e-mail is sent automatically when the work has been completed.

Case Management/Document Management Systems

Work typed directly into a CMS/DMS alleviates the necessity to dictate names and addresses and dispenses with the need to save the work into the CMS/DMS later. DictateNow’s dedicated team of typists, transcribing documents directly into the CMS/DMS clients are in effect a remote extension of the firm’s in-house team.

Templates and Forms – Oyez and Laser Forms

For work that is returned via email, DictateNow use a firm’s own templates to ensure the typed documents are returned in the exact layout required and in the same format as if they had been typed internally. Our software is also fully integrated with IRIS Laserforms and Oyez forms.
"DictateNow did exactly what they said they would do. Their service has delivered in all aspects; quality, speed and cost - all nailed. Their account management and responsiveness to any issues are excellent."

Steve Lees
Partner at Keoghs