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Digital dictation, anywhere, anytime, any device.

The Service

Recognising the changing face of business, with a more mobile workforce, we have developed apps that turn any Smartphone into a digital dictation machine.

With apps specifically developed for Apple, BlackBerry and Android operating systems, you can dictate when you are at home, on a client visit, at court, in fact just about anywhere and send digital sound files to us for transcription whenever you have an internet connection.

There is now no longer a need to delay work until you return to the office and with a typical dictation, transcribed and returned within 45 minutes, your files will be waiting for you when you get back into the office.

The Software

You simply record your dictation, editing and inserting passages as necessary, before sending from your Smartphone using the DictateNow software via our cloud based digital dictation system. We take security and confidentiality very seriously and as a registered user, your completed work is returned as an encrypted file, in much the same way as a dictation from a conventional dictation machine but without the delay of waiting to get back to your office.

  T V Edwards LLP have used DictateNow for a significant period and have become reliant on the service. DictateNow provides an efficient and organised typing service which has become vital to T V Edwards LLP as we expand and increase our work load.

The advantage is that the typing is saved directly into T V Edwards LLP’s case management system which reduces the administrative time once the typing has been completed. Also, DictateNow are able to complete typing quickly which is essential for fee earners, particularly those who are out of the office at court and who are under time constraints.

DictateNow also provide a helpful telephone support service for any queries that arise providing a professional service.
Maria Adams
Family Solicitor
T V Edwards