"...DictateNow only uses UK based secretaries - but it should have been the savings that swung it."

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The Service

Part of the UK’s largest digital dictation and transcription service provider, DictateNow Medical division is focused on the specific dictation and transcription requirements of the public and private healthcare sector in the UK.

The medical profession today is facing ever increasing demands on resources, along with the pressures of working within budget restraints.
In this environment, digital dictation and transcription outsourcing provide clear benefits.

How It Works

All DictateNow Medical typists are qualified and experienced medical secretaries. Our team have a broad range of experience across the board of medical specialties, ensuring that we are able to match their skills to the area of medicine which you require. All of our typists have extensive experience in NHS and private healthcare secretarial roles in the UK, meaning that the standard you can expect from our service is equivalent to that which you would expect from your own secretary. All of our typists are based in the UK with no typing sent overseas, delivering the highest quality of transcription.

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  "We have used DictateNow for many years and would never change. I particularly like their iPhone app which I find invaluable; they even modified it when I gave them feedback about not being sure if I was in record or standby mode. Truly outstanding."
Dr. Lionel Dean
Melrose Surgery