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Confidentiality and Security

DictateNow understand that data security and client confidentiality is paramount, and is at the core of our business. All our typists are based in the UK and have experience of working in law firms, they understand the confidential and sensitive nature of everything they hear and type. They are also required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

DictateNow Office digital dictation platform is a totally secure system, supporting large, medium and small scale dictation workflow management for the legal, medical, government and surveying industries.

  • All DictateNow Outsourcing typists are based in the UK.
  • All data outsourced to DictateNow is encrypted and stored on secure servers.
  • All servers have a digital certificate, which allows clients to upload files to our servers using HTTPS & FTPS.
  • No typing is sent outside the UK, ensuring the requirements of the Data Protection Act are met thoroughly.
  • Documents returned with password protection.
  • Work typed on our server, not the typists’ local computers.
  • Option of sending work to the typing team based at the Head Office, as well as other UK based typists.
  • We operate a network of high performance servers processing the outsourced dictation in secure data centres. Behind the servers runs Microsoft SQL as the back end database. All servers run RAID 5 configuration ensuring there is full redundancy built in, helping us to maintain a 24×7 service.

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