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Average keyboard speed shows folly of DIY typing for senior lawyers

Jun 20, 2019

Average keyboard speed shows folly of DIY typing for senior lawyers

What’s your typing speed?

It’s a question that few who are not professional typists can answer, but in an era where so many of us spend countless hours at a laptop it is very relevant.

This is especially the case if you are a highly experienced lawyer, working long hours in a profession where burning the midnight oil is often seen as par for the course.

Well, the answer to the question is the general person averages between 38 and 40 words a minute. However, professional typists can be expected to hit around about 75 words a minute - some can even go faster.

You may want to do a little bit of mathematics, but on average typists are roughly twice as fast as the average lawyer tapping away with a couple of fingers.

By the nature of legal documents, it is safe to say lawyers can spend many hours typing documentation that can be done in half the time by someone who has top notch secretarial skills.

Whatever the exact maths is, we at DictateNow think it is safe to say many hours are being wasted by lawyers who could spend their time more effectively on other higher priority tasks, be it other cases or maybe some leisure time to avoid burnout.

In addition, fee earners are freed up to work on higher value tasks, which generate revenue when they delegate work to typists. After all, using time more profitably to undertake client work, which is all billable hours, makes sense?

Fortunately, increasingly there are many firms who see outsourcing their secretarial services as a sensible step.

Employing efficient quality outsourcing specialists is easy and now much more widely accepted in the legal profession than it was a generation ago.

In a competitive world, lawyers have to work smarter than ever and with mental health such a huge issue in the modern workplace, avoiding the stress that comes with long hours is a sensible step.

We at DictateNow offer everything that an in-house team can do, and as has been proven this can work out as a far better long term solution for transcription services.

If you wish to know more about our services, we are delighted to help and of course, provide testimonials.

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