Some of us will remember a TV show called Tomorrows World on BBC1.

It was a much loved programme showcasing the latest scientific developments of the time giving us a glimpse into what the future might hold.

Whilst some of the inventions came to fruition and some didn’t, what many of us will agree with is it seemed to have an overarching message, which miscalculated the amount of leisure time we would have.

Often, in the episodes of the 70s and 80s especially, it painted an image of many of us with plenty of hours to devote to fun following all the wonderful time-saving inventions in our homes – a glorious future, which, lets’ face it has never really materialised.

Instead, technology, a 24 -7 world economy, less employment stability, and many other societal changes means we are chronically time poor.

The legal profession is a particularly fine example of time poverty as we get set for another decade in our super-connected, modern 21st century world.

Time and stress has had a huge effect on all of us, with burn out, mental health problems, and many other intolerable issues affecting an ever-demanding profession.

For these issues, and whilst debate rages, there are currently no magic pills, waves of a wand or simple answers.

The only solution at the moment is self-management, the management of time, which is a huge and complex subject.

The best solicitors, barristers in all walks of legal life, also seem to be the most in control, because they concentrate on the important and either ignore or delegate other demands on their time.

These top performers, we are pleased to say, are often our customers. They are those who have delegated DictateNow to do their transcriptions. Rather than tap away on a laptop, often with two fingers, they use our experienced, super speedy legal typists, leaving them time to concentrate on higher vale work and other more enjoyable activities, many of which aren’t work related.

Perhaps they choose to cook a meal for their partner, maybe go to see their child play football, or they might choose to look after their health by going for a run, or the gym. Perhaps they do all of them! Whatever it is, it isn’t spending more time at a laptop than they need to, wearing themselves out.

The need for the clarity to use time wisely is something, which has meant many new businesses have blossomed, something which I’m sure Tomorrows World must have predicted.

However, what is clear on a philosophical level is regardless of what some may say, we are all captains of our own destiny. The clarity to realise the best way to spend our lives and call on others help when needed is possibly the greatest skill for all those who wish to get that elusive work/life balance. It is something that cannot be underestimated in today’s world, and we doubt in tomorrow’s either.

If you wish to discuss our legal dictation services, and find out how we, at DictateNow may help lighten your workload and find time to live a higher quality life, we are happy to talk to you now.