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Signs are good for ServicesNowGroup

Nov 15, 2017

Signs are good for ServicesNowGroup

We offer a diverse range of services, from digital dictation and transcription for law firms, to telephone answering services for estate agents, all co-ordinated from our headquarters in Borehamwood.

We have transcription typists spread throughout the UK and a dynamic sales team who regularly visit our clients, which means we have few callers to our offices. But those that do turn up will be greeted by a fantastic new sign adorning the front of our building in Manor Way.

Some time ago we decided to develop our specialist brands, DictateNow, InTouchNow and TotalCounselNow with the support of a new brand ServicesNowGroup that would allow us to market more effectively in a number of different sectors.

It is this new ServicesNowGroup logo you will see on our office front, if you come and visit us to see the Quality Assurance, Technical Support, Sales or Management teams.

We are pleased to report that the service from outsourced providers like ServicesNowGroup is becoming more important to UK organisations in the UK, home of flourishing SMEs, budding entrepreneurs and exciting start-ups.

Like many larger organisations, many smaller ones are asking themselves: “Why pay for underused staff, let alone their holidays, National Insurance contributions and sick days, when everything they do, can be bought by the hour, when it is needed, without a contract or minimum usage requirements?”

To develop our services, we listen to clients and understand what services organisations can easily outsource to help improve efficiency and productivity. It is usually a case of sitting down with clients to undertake a detailed analysis of costs management within their business to identify where new on-demand, pay-as-you-go services, will help.

The reviews that take place at the client’s office, which means they are unlikely to see our new sign, often highlights non-core activities that take too much time and resources to be delivered in-house and remain financially viable.

This is particularly true for those paying high city rents, where the cost per metre dictates space should be occupied by more valuable fee-earning employees, not support staff.

And when we put it like that, you can see why our services are appreciated by organisations of every size, from single office estate agents to multi-office global law firms, right across the globe. And why we thought a new sign would help our brand flourish.

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