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Law firm’s PR own goal highlights efficiency in secretarial services

Feb 18, 2019

Law firm’s PR own goal highlights efficiency in secretarial services

Like all industries, we in the world of digital transcription can occasionally come across odd news stories that are connected to the work we do.

A recent, somewhat bizarre tale is one of an American law firm, who were charging a client a $40,000 each month for its secretaries (approximately £31,000).

Latham & Watkins scored a PR own goal working with a large corporate client, who noted some print on a bill. When they asked about it, they were told that, “unlike other firms, we do not inflate our hourly rates to include our overheads.”

Quite understandably, the client pointed out that as the firm was charging its partner out at a substantial sum, which could probably include quite a lot of overheads, the law firm could pay for its own secretaries.

In an era where grumblings can be picked up and shared on the web in seconds, the law firm are probably now wishing they hadn’t been quite so brazen.

It also highlights to us, how the huge cost of employing staff means overheads at some law firms are far greater than they should be.

One thing we know, having been involved so closely with many of the UK’s top law firms for so many years, is no two law firms are alike.

However, increasingly in a much more fluid professional world, there are so many firms who see outsourcing their secretarial services as a sensible step.

After all, employing staff is an expensive business, and it causes all manner of issues, which can be draining on a business.

Of course, there are those law firms, which see having many staff in-house as an important part of the company’s culture. We respect that, but there are those looking to innovate who believe there are better ways to do things that can make their organisation more cutting edge.

Thankfully, this is beneficial to outsourcing, and to businesses like ours.

We offer everything that an in-house team can do, and for many firms this can work out as a better long term solution with transcription services.

If you wish to know more, we are happy to help and of course, provide testimonials. Perhaps, even Latham & Watkins would like to give us a call!

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