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Can agile work for in-house?

Most people have heard of agile working; you might be already doing it. But does it actually work for in-house? Maxine Park investigates. The rise in agile working in recent years is obvious to anyone who occasionally frequents coffee shops and hotel lobbies. But how practical is agile for the in-house lawyer? Whilst the homeworking […]

  • By: Admin | Feb 05, 2020

In essence, delegation seems straightforward enough, it’s a simple case of empowering someone else to do a task rather than yourself. However, in practice it is an incredibly difficult process for a multitude of reasons, not least that delegation requires a long-term perspective. It is true in all walks of life, but in law it […]

  • By: Admin | Jan 13, 2020
Leading Government Minister visits DictateNow to see latest innovations

We are delighted to have welcomed one of the leading politicians in the country to our headquarters in Hertfordshire. The Paymaster General, the Right Hon. Oliver Dowden MP, visited our offices recently to oversee the work being done by DictateNow and ServicesNowGroup. Mr Dowden, who is the MP for Hertsmere, is one of the most […]

  • By: Admin | Nov 11, 2019
Maxine Park: Resilience – the key determining factor for business and life

Last week at a business event, one of the audience bemoaned the lack of resilience in today’s society. It was a moment that struck a chord with me because, whilst resilience is often talked about in business, I do wonder do we have a resilience crisis in today’s society. After all, and I make no […]

  • By: Admin | Nov 06, 2019
Why Putting More Female Lawyers On TV Isn't Enough To Address The Industry's Gender Issues

By LAUREN SHARKEY With any gender inequality workplace news, there comes calls for better media representation. Not enough female doctors? Make a film about one. A lack of women in the construction industry? Fund a documentary. Too few female barristers? Get rid of a male TV character and make room for a female one. Well, that's […]

  • By: Admin | Oct 28, 2019
Outsourcing dictation make financial sense for the legal market

We live in an era where law firms see outsourcing as a far more sensible option than a generation ago. Many solicitors, barristers and other legal professionals have come to the conclusion that having lots of support staff is unnecessary, when the evidence for transcription outsourcing is so compelling. After all, it is fair to […]

  • By: Admin | Aug 14, 2019
How to eliminate risk when outsourcing dictation services

Global outsourcing is huge business. In fact, 2019 is set to be a record year, and whilst it is a trend which will continue to grow as firms seek to be leaner and more efficient there is still a concern around risk to the business. The legal industry is by nature conservative, lawyers don’t buy […]

  • By: Admin | Jul 11, 2019
Understanding the art of Delegation in Legal Practice

Stress, mental health issues, burnout are terms never too far away when discussing the issues of the modern corporate lawyer. Indeed, even the most rudimentary research will show countless news and features from the legal press painting a gloomy picture of the 2019 legal professional as they try to keep their sanity in an increasingly […]

  • By: Admin | Jul 11, 2019
Maxine Park: Innovation – a word which complicates the simple

Is the word innovation being overused in the business world? I think it’s fair to say that it is almost becoming clichéd in a world where the spotlight on business leaders is now more intense than ever before. This opinion only crystallised to me last week at an event with our local law society in […]

  • By: Admin | Jul 02, 2019
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