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Average keyboard speed shows folly of DIY typing for senior lawyers

What’s your typing speed? It’s a question that few who are not professional typists can answer, but in an era where so many of us spend countless hours at a laptop it is very relevant. This is especially the case if you are a highly experienced lawyer, working long hours in a profession where burning […]

  • By: Admin | Jun 20, 2019
DictateNow to take centre stage for law society event

To readers of our blog, it goes without saying that the legal sector plays a big role in the success story of our business. With this in mind, we do as much as we can to be a part of the legal community and especially so here, on the edges of London’s commuter belt, where […]

  • By: Admin | May 24, 2019
Dynamic Champions

Modern Law spoke to Maxine Park, DictateNow to see how it supports senior women in a rapidly evolving legal sector by offering dynamic, relevant solutions that allowing them to focus, delegate and work more flexibly.   According to the latest reported statistics, women account for 48% of solicitors, showing near equality in numbers to their […]

  • By: Admin | May 23, 2019
Spurring On More Family Firms

Lawyer turned accidental entrepreneur hopes tales of success will spur family businesses. A woman who has successfully built a national business with her husband has said family firms need to inspire a new generation showing what is possible despite the difficulties of bringing up young families. Maxine Park, who along with her husband Garry, formed […]

  • By: Admin | May 23, 2019

A former solicitor, who, at the turn of the 21st Century, set up DictateNow, a digital dictation and outsourcing business, Maxine Park has, quite literally, written her way into success books. A lawyer working in commercial litigation in London, Maxine Park became a partner at her firm in 1992 at age 30. “At the age of 15, […]

  • By: Admin | Apr 10, 2019
Barristers - the do’s and don’ts of outsourcing

By Maxine Park, Solicitor and Co-Founder of transcription and office support services provider, DictateNow It would be fair to say that there is a generalisation that barristers are resistant to change. However, generalisations can be sweeping, and can fail to address the bigger picture of change when it comes to barristers and with outsourcing that […]

  • By: Admin | Mar 14, 2019
International Women’s Day marked by showing the difference remote working can make

Today marks International Women’s Day, an event celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and is very much a focal point for the promotion of women’s rights. An annual event, the day marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. The role of women has changed greatly in recent generations, putting such […]

  • By: Admin | Mar 11, 2019
Our Story: Maxine Park of DictateNow

Today we focus on Maxine Park, a former solicitor, who in 2002 set up DictateNow, a digital Dictation and Outsourcing business, which now has four regional offices across the UK. She tells how she took the plunge into entrepreneurship thanks to a happy accident, and how she grew the successful business, whilst catering around the needs of […]

  • By: Admin | Feb 22, 2019
Law firm’s PR own goal highlights efficiency in secretarial services

Like all industries, we in the world of digital transcription can occasionally come across odd news stories that are connected to the work we do. A recent, somewhat bizarre tale is one of an American law firm, who were charging a client a $40,000 each month for its secretaries (approximately £31,000). Latham & Watkins scored […]

  • By: Admin | Feb 18, 2019

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