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Legal Abacus readers discover how to reduce the risks of employment tribunals

Solicitor and co-founder of transcription services provider DictateNow, Maxine Park recently explained to the readers of Legal Abacus magazine, the benefits of recording disciplinary or performance interviews for managers. A bi-monthly publication for members of The Institute of Legal Finance & Management, Legal Abacus is aimed at legal finance, administration and practice management professionals working […]

  • By: Admin | Nov 17, 2017
The Perfect Dictator

There is a growing acceptance that dictation can improve efficiency and allow individuals more time to spend on valuable activities, but there is perhaps a misconception that it’s just about talking normally into a dictation machine.When it comes to accurate business, legal or medical dictation, it’s important to follow a few simple rules that will […]

  • By: Admin | Nov 17, 2017
A Perfect Dictator

Remember, the better your dictation, the better the transcription - it is likely to cut your costs too. Learn to be a better dictator with our free guide...Click here Become a better dictator The cost for our high-quality, accurate transcriptions of dictations is based on the length of the original dictation we receive. If the […]

  • By: Admin | Nov 17, 2017
Finding Your Ideal Type

Solicitor and co-founder of transcription services provider DictateNow, Maxine Park was recently approached by Business Info, which was seeking expert insights for a feature on digital dictation. A bi-monthly publication, Business Info is the UK’s leading magazine for UK SME buyers, decision-makers and specifiers of business technology & workplace products and services. The title provides […]

  • By: Admin | Nov 17, 2017
Training contract rise reflects transcription work

According to the recently released Annual Statistical report from The Law Society, the number of trainees in England and Wales rose by almost 5 per cent in 2015/16, with 5,728 new trainees registered. This figure represents an increase of 272 from the previous year’s 5,457. The report highlights that this is the first time since […]

  • By: Admin | Nov 17, 2017
Signs are good for ServicesNowGroup

We offer a diverse range of services, from digital dictation and transcription for law firms, to telephone answering services for estate agents, all co-ordinated from our headquarters in Borehamwood. We have transcription typists spread throughout the UK and a dynamic sales team who regularly visit our clients, which means we have few callers to our […]

  • By: Admin | Nov 15, 2017
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