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Analogue to Digital

If you are still using cassettes to record your dictations, interviews, focus group discussions or reports, now is a good time to make the switch to digital and enjoy all the benefits.

You can now record high quality digital recordings, anytime, anywhere, with any device, thanks to smartphones. You do not always have to have a dictation machine with you or only dictate when you are in the office.

If you prefer a dedicated dictation machine, we supply and support the range of machines offered by leading manufacturers, Philips, Olympus and Grundig.


Digital sound files are robust

One big advantage of going digital is the durability of the recordings. Tape cassettes can break and sometimes the tape can become mangled, which can be really frustrating, particularly if the recording cannot easily be repeated.

Digital recordings can be stored for decades with no deterioration or loss in sound quality, regardless of how many times the files are used or copied.

Digital files can be of almost any length and it is far easier to edit digital files. You can re-record bits that are wrong or not clear, inserted in exactly the right place to make it even easier for experienced typists to deliver an accurate transcription every time.

Switching to digital transcription will also significantly increase productivity. However short the dictation, it can be immediately sent for transcription and if the in-house team are too busy, it can be directed to our typists who will typically return it within 45 minutes.

Each dictation recording can be dealt with separately, without having to fill a tape with a few recordings to make it worthwhile posting to a typist, if in-house secretaries cannot deliver on time.


Sending recordings more securely

Digital files can be sent securely over the internet or as an encrypted email attachment. This is useful for those who dictate out of the office, as there is no need to wait to return to the office to start the transcription process.

Our transcription typists, when not working directly in case or document management systems on clients’ servers, will simply email or upload completed transcripts.

No recordings are left on local computers and there is no risk of cassettes containing sensitive information being lost, stolen or damaged in the post.


Let’s talk

If you are ready to make the switch and want to try it with your smartphone first, download our app today and start your free trial.

If you want to make the switch completely, we have hardware and our own digital dictation workflow software Office – just get in touch and we will do the rest.

Digital dictation benefits:

  • No more lost, stolen, broken or mangled tapes
  • Dictate anywhere, any time with any device
  • Send files for transcription without returning to the office
  • Securely send and receive encrypted files
  • Long term storage without loss in quality
  • Increase productivity with digital workflow software

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