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DictateNow provides a Workflow Analysis for new clients

If you are considering our services for the first time, either to

  • switch to digital dictation from tapes or
  • start outsourcing transcriptions because you need additional support or instead of recruiting more support staff
  • or to help avoid backlogs, or
  • receive a better service than your current outsource service provider can deliver

we provide a workflow analysis to make your decision easier.

We use data provided by our clients, to gain an insight into the volume of digital dictation, transcription and typing work undertaken, which helps us identify areas where we can help reduce costs and increase the speed of turnaround for work.

Cost analysis

We can also provide a cost analysis exercise to demonstrate the savings you are likely to enjoy, when outsourcing work to us, rather than employing more in-house resources; which will typically be under-used most of the time.

You will pay only for the time your dictation takes, not staff sick days, coffee breaks, morning gossip catch-ups, holidays or time wasted in quiet times.

The results vary depending on workloads, what you expect from us and the services you need, but generally, you will find using our pay-as-you-go service, only when you need it is around 40%+ cheaper than employing someone to do the work to the same standard in-house.

Interested? Then please get in touch today, so we can start your analysis and identify the savings on offer.

A high quality service

DictateNow understands it can be a big decision to outsource digital dictation and transcription work, with outsiders given access to your precious data and often, that of your clients too. We take our responsibilities as the outsource partner of choice very seriously.

We dedicate a lot of time and effort to achieving and then maintaining, internationally recognised standards that instil confidence in our abilities to deliver a high-quality, secure and confidential service.

These are rigorous assessments of the standards on which our success is based. It is not just a tick box exercise, performed once and forgotten, but continual annual external audits and monthly internal audits on every aspect of our business from selection of our own suppliers to resourcing of staff.

Even our choice of external auditor demonstrates how seriously we take the achievement and maintenance of standards. Assessments are undertaken by BSI approved, Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), a world leading UKAS certified, independent provider of Business Assurance services – not all assessment bodies are the same.

It is a service you can rely on with a business continuity plan that ensures we will keep delivering the service you need, no matter what problems befall a client in their own offices or place of work and however briefly.

We start by offering all new clients a free trial of our service

We’re open 24/7, for more information and to discuss
how our service can work for you:

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