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Dictation Transcription

Recognising the growing trend to outsource non-core functions, by organisations of all sizes and complexity, across all sectors, we have developed an unrivalled resource to deliver outsourced digital dictation, transcription and typing services.

None of our work goes abroad. We have hundreds of qualified secretaries, with a range of sector experiences and specialisms, all based in the UK and ready to offer support when needed, 7 days a week including evenings.

We believe no other service provider has resources to match the mix of home and office based teams that we offer, in order to deliver a truly complete picture of support services.

Completed transcriptions are returned in around 45 minutes for standard dictations, including the time it takes to clear rigorous checking by our in-house quality assurance team.

DictateNow is registered with Information Commissioner’s Office and our services are ISO 27001:2013 certified – the internationally recognised standard for information security management, which offers added peace of mind for those considering outsourcing for the first time.
We believe in achieving and maintaining the highest standards, which is why we are ISO 9001:2015 certified in recognition of our commitment to quality and ISO 22301:2012 certified for our business continuity arrangements.

Our pay-as-you-go services, with no monthly subscription are designed for modern agile organisations seeking greater efficiency and productivity, without increasing headcount or costs, whilst improving the service quality they deliver to their customers.

The Software

DictateNow’s bespoke software was designed by lawyers for lawyers and developed in-house. It is continually enhanced and improved and is fully supported by our technical and quality assurance teams.

We have mobile apps available and continue to add new features to improve your experience, with a direct message app that allows you to contact our typists direct, the latest function to set our service apart.

How It Works

Typically, you will dictate into a handheld digital dictation device or Smartphone or use software on your computer, laptop or tablet. If you are new to dictation we have a useful guide to help you become a perfect dictator.

You can edit the sound file and once you are happy with your recording, you can send it to us via our cloud-based digital dictation system or by e-mail.

Our partnerships with BigHand and Winscribe enable dictation files to be sent seamlessly to the DictateNow team directly from these platforms, just as quickly and easily as sending them to your in-house secretaries – ideal for using us to deal with your overflow typing and help avoid a backlog.

When we receive your sound file, it is allocated to one of the hundreds of qualified and experienced secretaries who work for us, from home and in our offices. Depending on whether or not you use one of the many document management systems, the document is either

  • typed on the DictateNow server and returned to you as an encrypted attachment in an e-mail OR
  • as with the majority of our clients, our typists work directly in their case management or document management system (CMS or DMS), which ensures the client’s work never leaves their systems; an approach favoured by the hundreds of law firms we work with. When our typists work in a client’s system, we automatically send a notification e-mail to alert those concerned that the work is completed.

Case and Document Management Systems

For those businesses that use case and document management systems, granting our typists access to a secure area alleviates the necessity to dictate names and addresses and dispenses with the need to save the work into the CMS/DMS later.

By allowing DictateNow’s dedicated team of typists, to transcribe documents directly into your CMS/DMS, our clients are using our team as a remote and seamless extension of their in-house teams.

Templates and Forms – Oyez and Laser Forms

For work that is returned via email, DictateNow will use your own templates to ensure the typed documents are returned in the exact style or layout you require and in the same format as if they had been typed by your in-house teams.

Organisations that use the various branded forms, please be aware our software is also fully integrated with IRIS Laser forms and Oyez forms.

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