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Snow on the way - work from home

Nov 17, 2017

Snow on the way - work from home

After a mild start to the winter, more severe weather is being predicted, with snow and ice likely to cause the usual problems for commuters. Given remote working is now more readily achievable, perhaps it’s time for organisations of every size and shape to again consider the practicalities of allowing more employees to work from home and stay off the roads.

Although many executives can work from home, it’s rare to find support staff able to. At DictateNow, we always enjoy a spike in the use of our outsourcing support services when major disruption strikes and not all are weather related. Access can be denied to business premises through a host of issues including fire, flood and other major incidents, some of which can last days or even weeks – who can forget last year’s floods.

We are the UK’s leading digital dictation and transcription service provider, but we offer so much more, with a full range of administrative and secretarial services including:

  • Filing opening on client office systems and case management systems
  • Company searches
  • Land Registry searches
  • Mailshots and mail merge to market a firm’s services
  • Document standardisation – to ensure consistency in all documents in the firm/department, ensuring style/format is the same
  • Updating precedents (for example converting templates/precedents to Word 2010)
  • Proof reading of documentation
  • Copy typing
  • Incidents, natural or man-made, local or national, ensure we attract lots of new clients, all finding it difficult to get their dictation transcribed when working from home, or even stuck in a traffic jam.

We welcome the opportunity to help clients, old and new, cope with any disruption, but if the disruption is on a national scale then service providers like us can be inundated with urgent requests and will support those we have existing relationships with first. Our resources however, are now so large, we are always likely to cope, so try us first.

If you don’t have the necessary dictation equipment available outside work, just download our app for Smartphones and mobile devices to solve the problem. These free apps, offer access to our vast resource of qualified professional legal secretaries, spread throughout the UK, all working from home avoiding any disruption.

So, if you are facing disruption in the office, even if it is illness and absence related, rather than the weather and you want to remain productive, please get in touch.

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